Visual Structural Surveys (pre- purchase survey) of existing dwelling houses / commercial properties. This survey is carried out to identify / clarify any issues that might exist with the structure of the property as well as identifying any issues that might be present with the construction of the property and with the Building Regulations. A very detailed report is prepared for a client following such an inspection.

Land Survey works using special survey equipment where required. This type of work is carried out mainly to check the boundaries of a property to clarify if the boundaries of the property as they are identified on the ground comply with a Land Registry Folio Map for the property. Equally this work would be carried out to prepare maps for first registration of a property / lands or to calculate the area or subdivision of lands.

  • Prepare planning applications for private dwelling houses and commercial developments.
  • Structural design.
  • Fire Certificate applications and Fire Regularisation Certificate applications.
  • Intoxicated Liquor Licence Applications (Renewal of application). This involves the preparation of the required booklets and court appearance to give evidence as required.
  • Planning Search and checking of planning documents to identify compliance with as constructed dwelling houses / commercial developments.
  • General Consultation works and Court appearances.
  • Opinion on Certificate of Identity confirming that boundaries of a property / land complies with the Land Registry Folio Map for the property / land.
  • Consultation and advise on Insulated Concrete Formwork (ICF) Construction.
  • Insurance claims assessment.
  • Project Supervisor Design Stage.
  • Assigned Certifier as required under BCMS.
  • Assigned Designer as required under BCMS.
  • Tender works packages.
  • Opinion on Certificate of Compliance with Planning Permission and with Building Regulations.