The depth of the investigation works required will depend on the contract documents received, which will be outlined by your legal team.  Generally, a visual inspection of a property will be required, to qualify the structural condition of the property and to qualify any defects with the property from compliance with Building Regulations that were in force when the property was originally constructed. Also, during such an inspection I would try and qualify visually, if any apparent alterations or extensions have been constructed to the property, to clarify where possible if planning permission for such works should have been obtained.

A pre purchase survey is carried out on a property to qualify:

  • Structural condition.
  • Compliance with Building Regulations.
  • Planning compliance.
  • Boundary check.

As part of this inspection, I would visually inspect drainage lines where access is available, to qualify the condition of the system installed.

If an original Folio map is available for the site I can also check the boundaries against the Folio map to qualify compliance of the boundaries with the Folio Map.

With commercial properties Fire Compliance is a concern, and as such it is always best practice to inspect the existing Fire Safety Certificate for the commercial build to qualify compliance during a visual inspection of the property.

A detailed report on the findings of any inspection carried out is supplied for both the client and their legal team.